During the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer 100% refunds on all tours as a mark of good faith.

If you feel ill or present with symptoms of a cough, a high temperature (at least 39ยฐC), or shortness of breath, you are not permitted on our tours or rentals.

Planet Chopper has COVID-19 policies in place to keep our staff and riders safe. These include regular cleaning of motorcycles, communal areas, and all items in our support vehicles.

We also have a code of conduct for all staff members, including requirements for testing if staff show symptoms.

We have a risk prevention plan in place for each tour, including a detailed list of hospitals and health service providers for our multi-day tours.

While on tour, please practice social distancing from both staff and other guests. On multi-day tours, this includes avoiding contact with the general public. We will follow guidelines that attractions, events, restaurants, and hotels have in place.

We have committed ourselves to only staying in hotels that deliver exceptional hygiene. The same goes for restaurants; all have been vetted before tours to ensure they provide best practices around hygiene and service.

Please practice good hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands as much as possible. There is hand sanitiser in the support vehicle, and with tour guides on all tours. We also recommend you bring hand sanitizer with you.

Cheers and Stay Safe,

Planet Chopper