Finding the best motorcycle rides in New Zealand is actually quite simple thanks to our gorgeous mountains, luscious green spaces and endless coastline. Here are the greatest motorcycle roads for your next motorcycle adventure in New Zealand.


It’s a pretty bold call but in this humble observer’s view it’s a correct one. For a start it’s located in the world’s most beautiful country, New Zealand. Add to that the place is nestled in picturesque surroundings and is within easy striking distance of Auckland.

The ride up to the Puhoi from Auckland is a treat in itself. Forget the motorway, either head up through the seaside village of Orewa along the beach, or do a loop around State Highway 16 through Kaukapakapa up to Wellsford then drop down to Puhoi. Either way, we consider it to be one of the best motorcycle rides in Auckland.

This writer has been going to the Puhoi for over forty years. Nothing much has changed over that time, which is part of its appeal. From the first time I went there until now, motorcyclists have been the priority. Prime parking in front of the pub is reserved for bikes; as it should be. From the garden bar BBQ tables you can watch your bike and the stream of fellow riders coming and going. Classic cars are welcome too…and plenty turn up. Hot rods and bikes are a perfect match. 

It’s a friendly joint and there’s always an abundance of riders keen to talk anything two wheels. If you’re lucky you might catch a band on the grass area out the front but the place is so cool it doesn’t actually need any enhancement. Amigo and the rest of the pub team are awesome and always welcoming. Nothing is too much trouble and if you’re on a bike you’re cool. 


Established in 1879 by Bohemian settlers, the pub is one of the last historic country pubs in the Southern Hemisphere. The bar oozes character and to look at everything properly would take an afternoon. It’s the sort of place you don’t forget; right down to the old concrete urinal that must have been there from the beginning. Nestled on the banks of the Puhoi river, the whole village is quaintly historic and worth an amble around.

Flags, photos, coasters, bank notes, scrawl by drinkers and mementos of the pubs historic, colourful past festoon the bars walls. In the dining hall there are historic portraits of chiefs from the local Iwi (tribe). This blend of culture encapsulates the New Zealand motorcycle community under one roof.

To be enveloped by the full blown Puhoi experience, you need to stay at the pub. Sleeping up to fourteen, the rooms are comfortable and homely. If you’ve got a crew you have free run of the place and are basically left alone. All manner of bric a brac and cool curiosities adorning the hall reinforce you’re in a decidedly unique venue. If you’re staying, you can park bikes safely right around the back of the place beside the dodgy stairway leading to the first floor rooms.


Stretched out sipping coffee on the upstairs verandah overlooking the village is a treat, despite any lingering hangover from the night before. A top line country feed for breakfast in the character dining room will fix up anyone for the ride out.

If you don’t agree, throw up some nominations. Settling on the World’s Best Biker Bar is no trifling matter and deserves a thorough airing!